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Following my Vlog on Identity this past Sunday, below I’ve attached a vid on the band Carrollton where they talk about their song,”Tell Me”.

Let’s take a moment to gather our thoughts and let’s move forward TOGETHER in journeying through the lyrics of this BEAUTIFUL and HEART-TUGGING SONG- – – – – – – –

“Feel like I’m a nobody//Wonder if I’ll ever amount to much//Seems like no matter what I do//It’s never gonna be good enough//Should I just give up?//Lord, I need to hear you speak. . . 

I know many of us girls struggle with identity and we may ask ourselves these questions, Who am I? Why do I feel like this? Where do I go? Why do I look like this? I admit I have my fair share of these same questions that run through my mind. This is where it leads me to go into a quiet place to rest these questions in the arms of Jesus. Sometimes, I get lazy and I don’t want to go to God. But then there comes a point to where enough is enough and I get tired of being tired. When these thoughts and questions come into our minds, we can learn to overcome them with HIS PROMISES of LOVE.

“You wrote your name upon my heart//You knew me long before my life began//You still have a plan//And when I’m starting to forget//JESUS, YOU TELL ME WHO I AM. . . 

Regarding my Vlog that I posted this last weekend on IDENTITY I shared a few of my MANY personal little struggles. I had mentioned how I have a little belly who I like to call “Lil Billy.”:) Now, I can let that little imperfection make me who I am or I can learn to accept it and or work on getting rid of it. However, it’s important for me to want to get rid of it for all the right reasons. For myself and not for the benefit of other people. Besides my husband deserves the BEST, but I’m very thankful that he accepts ALL of me for me. I also spoke briefly on make-up. I use to wear a lot of make-up growing up. As you can see from my profile pic above, that was an old modeling photo. I came across this over the weekend and thought to myself, “Wow, that doesn’t even look like me.” However, I was SO thankful for an opportunity to have a modeling dream of mine come true. Make-up is such a beautiful art in itself and from that photo, I give MAJOR props to the make-up artist from this shoot. Now ALL that make-up doesn’t define who I am as a person, what I’ve done OR my accomplishments. My true identity rests in the eyes of Christ that embodies such beauty, truth and acceptance. I also had mentioned that I choose not to wear make-up, but didn’t get a chance to share and explain why: 1) I’m just lazy 2) I have sensitive skin 3) I have acne scars from make-up that was applied on me from past photo shoots. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear make-up every once in a blue moon. It’s a thing to accentuate our looks and have fun with it, it’s another thing to think that we ALWAYS need to have make-up on. If you haven’t yet already, accept your imperfections and flaws as a way to get to know the one who created you. I’ve shared this with a few of my gal pals and I’ll share this with YOU, “Your imperfections are what makes you PERFECT in the eyes of God.” STOP comparing yourself to other’s looks and accomplishments. It will steer you away from getting to know WHO YOU REALLY ARE through the depths of that beautiful heart of yours. God made each and everyone of us to be unique. HE created us ALL with a purpose and with our own gifts and talents. Sometimes the world can try and tell us who we are and how we should look and act. When I have those moments of confusion, cuz I admit at times I do, I have to fight through all that noise to run to God. In those solemn and intimate moments with HIM, this is where we need to have an open heart to ask and say,”God, please tell me who I am.” When we do, we can find rest and comfort in HIS SPLENDOR, ROYALTY, GRACE and LOVE. It is in these moments HE unveils who we are in HIS perfect image of us. When we can accept this and truly believe in it, it breaks us from bondage to set us free so that we can continue to move forward in feeling beautiful and worthy in OUR OWN SKIN and we can allow God to resonate HIS PERFECT GRACE in our hearts and in our minds.When negative thoughts starts to come up, continue to remind yourself this by saying it out loud, I AM WORTHY! I AM ACCEPTED! I AM LOVED!

“Your voice has the power to heal the hurt inside//Your voice speaks the TRUTH and brings my heart back to LIFE//You tell me I AM LOVED//Tell me I am known//That YOU died for me//I am not alone//You tell me I’m your child//The one your heart beats for//I will find my strength//Knowing I am yours//You’ve always known what my heart needs//And YOU TELL ME~CARROLLTON

~*~*~*If you missed out on viewing my vlog on Identity, NO WORRIES! Tune in right here~*~*~*




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