Good Tidings of Great JOY

These past several weeks have been filled with waves of reflection, highs, lows, joys and sadness, which is why we call it LIFE! I can’t imagine the pain people are going through in and around our communities, nation and our world. People who are dear and near to us. My heart unites with the weary, bruised, tired and broken. Going through loss and pain. Grieving and mourning. Life stings us sometimes, but what will get you through it is the LOVE of family and friends who will encourage you, uplift you, believe in you and who will simply LOVE on you. No one should have to carry their own burdens alone. Especially during this time of year, my heart hurts for others who are suffering right now. Remember this, JOY is up ahead. Going through these trenches, and maybe even limping through the darkness, you continue to walk, for some crawl towards the light. Have God be your compass to continue to bring you through this hard season that many of you may be facing. HE is with you every step of the way. HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. I know some people may ask why God allows such things to happen? My response, how can you grow in life if every day were sunshines and rainbows. It’s the storms of life that shake us but it’s also what makes us who we are today. It’s what makes us stronger and is what makes us grow. Life can be so painful, painful enough to not want to press forward sometimes.  With pain in my life, I’ve come to find JOY and so can YOU. Hard times are what makes my unwavering FAITH more grounded in CHRIST, my heart more tender and is what continues to push me through the unknown with GRACE and HOPE. Your story are words of LIFE that can help mend a broken heart. People shouldn’t have to go through life alone. God LOVES community and people coming together. Even through such devastating times, it’s been powerful to see such pure beauty of community through the ashes. The brokenness that many of us are carrying can be mended with the power of LOVE. 

Let us all work on being more kind. Showing more compassion and having tender hearts for others. Let us help and guide the broken and hurting hearts towards the light of JOY, especially during this holiday season.

The J O Y of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lies with generous gifts becomes for us the MAGIC of CHRISTMAS.” W.C. Jones



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