I wanted to scream. I wanted to hit a bag. I wanted to just cry and cry. I wanted to work out till I hit the ground and couldn’t go anymore.This week I had a lot of anger with some personal stuff that was going on back home out on the west coast. Originally I thought I was going to be blogging about how I was feeling at the given time, when instead during this time of blogging, God was purifying my mind from anger to HOPE. My tears of anger and frustration were somehow turning into tears of JOY and LOVE that were running down my cheeks. I wanted to be angry, I wanted to stay angry. But you know what? Why choose to be angry and allow it to ruin our day/days like I allowed it to this week. I mean my goodness, I know that’s not what living my life FULLY means. Which is why I need to seek God through the good moments and bad moments in my life. Without HIS grace, without HIS peace, without HIS strength, without HIS LOVE, I highly doubt that I would be here opening up my heart to you through this blog piece. I’m thankful for what HE has shown me and what HE will continue to show me through this FAITH WALK with HIM. I have to keep being reminded time and time again to keep HIM first because when we do, HE enriches us with HIS GRACE and MERCY to keep pressing forward in freedom. . .

There are some hurting people right now that are closest to me and ones from afar. You’re NOT alone! Remember when people hurt you, it’s NOT you. They may be hurting themselves OR are struggling with their own insecurities and wounds that they haven’t dealt with yet on their own. I get it. I know what it’s like to be rejected and to not be accepted. To feel betrayed and unworthy. I’ve dealt with that a lot throughout my life and at times may still feel like that. TRUTH is, Jesus knows EVERY weight and EVERY ounce of pain that you’re going through. HE has been there and has experienced far more than we can EVER conceive or comprehend. I can CHOOSE to be upset. I can CHOOSE to be hurt and angry and feel all these feelings that weigh me down that may take me away from my full purpose in life. Thankfully there is HOPE IN FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH and standing VICTORIOUS to know that YOU ARE worthy and valuable, accepted and LOVED. Every day is a battle with our minds, our emotions and our fears. The beautiful awakening is that by God’s power and HIS POWER alone, YOU CAN CONQUER and QUENCH DARKNESS. The moment you feel the spirit of oppression weighing in on you, you start speaking and proclaiming the words of LIFE, LOVE and TRUTH OUT LOUD! I AM VICTORIOUS! I AM A CONQUEROR! I WILL FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH TODAY. Life is all about taking one day at a time. Try and not focus on negative stuff that people have said or done to you or your loved ones. I know we’re human and it can hurt us, but instead try and fight through all that noise to get your main focus on God’s LOVE truths whether if it’s reading scripture or putting on that uplifting music that breathes LIFE back into our lives. I allowed five whole days to go by without listening to music. I seem to forget that the moment I turn on my music is when my soul awakens and my spirit dances. It’s a HUGE healing remedy for me. It’s also important to find people who will encourage you and support you. People who will speak words of LIFE and LOVE into your lives. Just simply place yourself around positive people and positive things. Time and time again, moment by moment I have to continue to remind myself that my identity and self-worth shouldn’t lie on people’s thoughts or opinions towards me. When we allow that into our lives it can poison us from standing fully upright to our fullest potential that God sees in us. God didn’t create us to be worriers, but WARRIORS. We can all be the bigger person here if we pray for people who hurt us. When we do that, we no longer become enslaved to their negativity. We can move forward freely and justly. There is SO much power and peace in prayer when we release all that over to God. Jesus himself gives us the confidence and boldness to keep our heads held up high and to keep fighting. It’s okay to be angry, but use that anger against evil and that rage of passion to defeat the lies of the enemy when they come against you. You continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH and guess what? The battle has already been WON because: FAITH makes ALL things possible. HOPE CONQUERS OUR FEARS and LOVE ALWAYS WINS OVER darkness. Will you stand beside me today and fight the good fight of FAITH? (1st Timothy 6:12)


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