Black and White ConfettiA California native girl exploring the Big Apple World. I’m a dreamer who LOVES life, my husband, family and friends who just mean the ABSOLUTE world to me. But most importantly I have an amazing savior who I look up to and who I pray to. HE is the one I share my joys with, my sorrows and pains with. My happiness, goals, dreams and passions with, and the list goes on…..My faith, LOVE and life rests in Jesus Christ ALWAYS!! I LOVE fashion, movies, music, food, sports, sweets, reading (when I have time) and I LOVE to laugh! I may not be the funniest girl in the world but I enJOY being pretty quirky. I love, LOVE taking pictures of any and all moments so I can make all those memories last a LIFETIME! I LOVE LOVE and I enJOY talking about LOVE. I LOVE exploring and escaping out into God’s creation whether it be up in the mountains or the ocean, this is where I my spirit is free to roam through God’s sights and wonders. These are the places I like to go when I need to reflect on God’s goodness, LOVE and mercy for me. Music is also what inspires me to write and blog which is also my escape from reality and to find rest, comfort, and peace in God alone. I have always enjoyed writing growing up and is one of my biggest passion’s in life.  A time and a place of vulnerability and honesty but yet a good mix of being raw and real with others. Any trial or tribulation that comes my way, it’s important for me to edify the one who has gotten me through each one. I LOVE and enJOY people! I LOVE having heart-to-heart conversations with others whether it be over a delicious cup of java joe or over a nice meal. I truly enJOY having intimate talks with my LOVED ones and friends. Good nourishment to the heart, mind, body and soul is very important to me. I LOVE to dream, chase my dreams, and also make my dreams become reality. I have a big heart, even though I’m a little girl, I have enough LOVE to go around to each and every one I come in contact with.

Here I am today, having this opportunity to share my heart, to speak on matters of life, the good and the bad and yet seeing beauty through the ugly. To share my LOVE for people, and things that impact my life in one way or another. I am here to LIVE, to LOVE, and by the grace of God live freely through HIS love and mercy that he’s shown me all the days of my life. I’m thankful for being FASHIONED in HIS image (Romans 8:29). Here my heart opens up to you with LOVE!

Walk by FAITH. Smile with HOPE. Put on LOVE.